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Geodezyjna obsluga inwestycji

Under our geodesic service for investments we provide:
  • (Analogue and digital) maps for designing and planning purposes;
  • Examination of the ownership status;
  • End-to-end geodesic service at building sites;
  • “As built” inventorying of completed objects;
  • Measurements of ground settlements and deformations.
In the course of measurement work being carried out we make use of geodesic instrumentation of exclusively renowned manufacturers such as:
  • Trimble, Leica – the GPS (RTK) receivers;
  • Topcon, Leica – electronic tachymeters (we operate instrumentation with measuring angular accuracy of ± 0.5”);
  • Leica, Zeiss – (analogue and digital) precision levels.
We run a complete set of software which supports the geodesic and cartographic work including:
  • Trimble Total Control (a GPS measurement data processing package);Budowa
  • GeoGenius - Spektra Precision (a GPS measurement data processing package);
  • GeoNet (a comprehensive geodesic computation system);
  • GeoNet Unitrans (software for the conversion of co-ordinates between all systems of co-ordinates operated in Poland);
  • C-Geo (a comprehensive geodesic computation system);
  • MicroStation (a comprehensive CAD environment);
  • Descartes, I/RasB, I/RasC (raster editing supportive software);
  • InRoads Site (software for digital terrain modelling);
  • AutoCAD LT;
  • Own software.

Example projects