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Numeryczny model terenu

We create digital terrain models based upon vector data derived from photogrammetric measurements and direct field measurements or as a result of the vectorisation of land relief represented in available maps.

While measuring we record selected elements of location and height contents whose placement describes land relief.

The terrain model we create permits:
  • Automatic generation of longitudinal and transverse profiles;DTM
  • Computations of soil masses;
  • Generation of slope maps;
  • Preparation of hypsometric maps;
  • Visualisations and analyses of diverse types.
The DTM constitutes a perfect input material for diverse work related to designing roads and other linear objects, drainage or predicting the extent and effects of floods.

We are provided with appropriate hardware and software to develop DTMs:
  • Trimble, Leica – the GPS (RTK) receivers;
  • Topcon – electronic tachymeters;
  • Planicomp P3 – Zeiss analytic autograph (work with analogue photographs);
  • DEPHOS digital photogrammetric stations (work with digital photos);
  • MicroStation (a comprehensive CAD environment);
  • Descartes, I/RasB, I/RasC (raster editing supportive software);
  • I/Plot (software aided printing out);
  • InRoads Site (software for DTM production).