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Fotomapy i ortofotomapy

The scope of photogrammetric services rendered by FOTOKART comprises:
  • Designing of photogrammetric flights;
  • Aerial photographs;
  • Analytic aerial triangulation;
  • Preparation and updates of digital maps based on aerial photographs;
  • Digital Terrain Modeling;
  • Production of digital photo-maps and orthomaps based on aerial photographs;
  • 3-D city modelling.
Improved digital photo-maps, ortho-photomaps are used e.g.:
  1. For marketing purposes:Ortofotomapa
    • Land advertising, mainly to attract an investor or to promote tourism;
    • Background, full of additional information, for city maps;
  2. For the purpose of reviewing available material:
    • Map updates (particularly for large areas);
    • A cheap way to procure complementary information;
  3. As underlying documents for spatial land development:
  4. For the purpose of disclosing illegal building sites.
We are provided with appropriate hardware and software to produce photomaps and ortho-maps:
  • DEPHOS digital photogrammetric stations (measurements in digital photos);
  • MicroStation (a comprehensive CAD environment);
  • Descartes, I/RasB, I/RasC (raster editing supportive software);
  • I/Plot (software aided printing out);
  • InRoads Site (software for DTM production);
  • Adobe Photoshop, PCI Geomatica (software for the ortho-photo production);
  • Bingo-F (software for exact combined adjustment of aerial triangulation).