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In August 2006 we put into operation our own GPS reference station which is supported by a Trimble SPS 850 base receiver (the very first application thereof in Poland). The station permits operation under the RTK system by means of radio waves and the GPRS technology. We also operate Trimble R8 mobile receivers adapted to receiving four GPS signals. Those receivers may serve to static measurements as well as to real time measurements with an accuracy of up to 1 cm.

An SPS 850 base receiver functions as a self-contained server and transmitsStacja bazowa adjustments automatically. by making use of the GPRS technology an RTK real time measurement may be taken at a distance of ca. 40 km off the station with a accuracy of 10 cm, whereas a 10 km distance off the stations results in a measuring accuracy of 1-2 cm. The RTK service with the use of GPRS may be made available via the Internet to users who possess two-frequency band receivers.

The possible applications of the reference station:
  1. Geodesic services;
  2. Control systems for construction machinery;
  3. Monitoring of compartments;
  4. Hydrologic services (e.g. river course cross-sections);
  5. Measurements in researches of dynamic phenomena;
  6. Other engineering and scientific services.