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Informatyka i geoinformatyka

The scope of geo-informative services rendered by FOTOKART comprises:
  1. Processing of maps, technical drawings, registers and lists and other data, from their analogue to digital forms through:
    • Scanning;
    • Digitalisation (vectorisation);
    • Conversion of digital sets from and to diverse formats;
    • Re-computation and transformation of filed data (information);
  2. Establishment and implementation of inventories of roads and bridges under the eDIOM;
  3. Design and implementation of SITs and GISs;
  4. Counselling and trainings in the scope of the SIT and GIS.
For our clients and current needs of our shops we also prepare proprietary applications supported by the Windows and MicroStation:
  • ZenMapa – the creation and updating of digital maps under the MicroStation v8;ZenMapa
  • The Building Registration – an application for the collection of registration data on buildings and premises, based on the MS SQL Server;
  • The Building Registration – Reports – a program for the generation of registration datasheets;
  • Job Charts – the records and registration of working time based on the MS Access;
  • The Administration – a comprehensive system containing a register of work; register of invoices; register of tendering procedures; correspondence log and suppliers' catalogue.
In December 2006 we launched an update of the ZenMapa in the market.

That application contains toolsets for:
  • Vectorisation;
  • Text data import;
  • The transformation between the systems of coordinates of the Chemical Works 'Police' and Szczecin's municipal layout;
  • Automatic drawing of slopes with prescribed parameters;
  • The creation and control of connections with a database.
Besides, the program includes a set of symbols and line styles for the principal map for the following scales: 1:250, 1:500, 1:1000, 1:2000 and 1:5000.