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We produce and update large scale digital maps (cadastral, principal, thematic) which constitute the GIS basis.

Digital data are derived as a result of:
  • Field measurements;
  • Photogrammetric measurement with the aid of aerial photographs;
  • Raster-to-vector conversion of existing maps.
Maps we develop are used i.a.:
  1. As underlying documents (copies) for designing:Mapa
    • With all inclusive contents of the principal map;
    • Compliant with the K-1 geodesic instruction (in accordance with both standards);
    • Complemented by additional objects – customisation;
  2. For the maintenance of land and building registration;
  3. For current needs of municipal management (for planning purposes):
    • Detailed and general spatial land development plans;
  4. For as built inventorying of new structures:
    • Maps on land development around objects;
    • Measurement and plans of rooms;
  5. For the creation of thematic papers e.g.:
    • For needs of waterworks and wastewater networks for the purpose of imposing charges for storm water being drained off – water permeability maps;
    • For needs of the maritime administration for the purpose of shoreline preservation – the shoreline area maps.