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Trójwymiarowe miasta

We create a digital spatial model based on data derived from a specialised photogrammetric measurement. Depending on a client’s needs those data may be complemented by data from direct measurements and also by e.g. building façade photographs.

The component parts of the model are:Model 3D
  • Terrain surface (DTM);
  • Buildings and structures;
  • Roads and waters;
  • Lush greenery stretches;
  • Individual trees;
  • Other elements as requested by a client.
All data are 3-D recorded and in they are stored in that form.

The spatial model is a perfect material for:
  • Urbanists, planners, architects;
  • Mobile phone operators;
  • Radio broadcasters.
Such a model, ‘dressed up’ in textures made based on terrestrial photographs of facades of individual buildings enable creation of a virtual copy of our environments.