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O nas

Our history

Our company roots back to the year 1983 when in Szczecin the Geodesic Co-operative Geodezyjna Spółdzielnia Pracy „Zenit” had been founded. Thanks to the economic transformations that were taking place in the next years, it was possible to incorporate a foreign capital funded company (a joint venture). In the so formed limited liability company, under the business name Zenit Ltd – the Dutch Bravenboer & Scheers BV of Terneuzen became a member. To the Company the foreign member contributed modern geodesic instrumentation and geodesic equipment and the in-house conceptualised system for the preparation and processing of digital maps. In 1994, Bravenboer & Scheers was acquired by Grontmij NV, a plc, listed in the Amsterdam stock Exchange, which gave Access to the West European market.

In 1997, in order to expand the scope of the actual services by photogrammetry a decision was taken to found an affiliated company under the business name FOTOKART. In 2003 the Grontmij’s Board of Directors carried the resolution on the sale of both companies. Under a concluded agreement with Zenit Ltd which was backing off the West Pomeranian geodesic and cartographic market, FOTOKART purchased the company’s choses in possession, whereas its choses in action were assigned to individuals.

In such a way we became one of the largest geodesic and cartographic organisations which operate in the North-West of Poland.

What do we do?

At present the primary Company's objects are:
  • Geodesy and cartography;
  • Photogrammetry;
  • Geo-informatics.
Initially, our specialisation was only photogrammetry – the branch of science and technology that deals with remote sensing technology in which geometric properties about objects are determined from aerial, terrestrial and satellite photographic images.

Performance of large export contracts (chiefly for Dutch, Danish and German clients) enabled the Company expedite implementation of the aerial photography digital conversion technology. The work we did for our foreign clients mostly concern digital mapping, orthomaps, DTMs.

The next stage in the Company’s development was expansion of the business objects by typical geodesic services, as site-height measurements, and relevant assistance in projects.

Today our key geodesic specialisations are:
  • Provision of thorough geodesic services at building sites;
  • Geodesic underlying documents;
  • Digital maps (cadastral, principal, thematic);
  • Land and building registration (modernisations, integration and division land lots, real property demarcation).
Concurrently, geo-informatics was developed - the Company's department whose tasks included derivation, processing, analysis and provision of geodesic data originating fro– photogrammetric measurements, direct field measurements and those obtained through vectorisation of existing analogue maps.
At clients' request FOTOKART performs special tasks as well, e.g. noise level measurements.

Our future

The consecutive step in FOTOKART's growth shall be implementation of procedures related to the access to clandestine information. We run a secret office and our employees hold security certifications that authorise them to handle the state secret documentation.

Constant investment in our human resources and hardware and software permit us to upkeep a high position in the dynamic and demanding market of geodesic, photogrammetric and geo-informative services. At our clients' disposal there is a team of competent and experienced engineers, geodesists and operators provided with modern measuring instrumentation and computer hardware.